The Progressive Conservative Youth of Alberta (PCYA) is the youth wing of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta (PCAA) a political party registered in Alberta, Canada.  PCYA has a long and proud history of fellowship, mentorship through the political world, and for providing a healthy dose of fun into the political process.

PCAA Members under age 26 are automatically members of PCYA.  For more information on becoming a member, click here.

Apart from participating in the functions of our political party, its Constituency Associations etc., PCYA works diligently to:

  • Create a network of campus clubs at post-secondary institutions in Alberta.
  • Contribute as a team during general elections and by-elections.
  • Mentor youth who want to be involved in the political process.
  • Contribute to policy creation and party processes.
  • Fundraise for PCYA events and programs.

Click here to read PCYA’s constitution.