Our Executive Board is elected annually and is here to serve all PCYA members.  Below are our names and contact information.

Name Role Email
Sonia Kont President president@pcyouthofalberta.com
Tyler van Vliet Executive Vice President executive.vp@pcyouthofalberta.com
Haydn Place VP Finance vp.finance@pcyouthofalberta.com
Daniel Jankovic VP Policy vp.policy@pcyouthofalberta.com
Kyle Hoyda VP Membership and Organization vp.membership@pcyouthofalberta.com
Mung Mang VP Communications vp.communications@pcyouthofalberta.com
Alexandra Engelberts VP Events vp.events@pcyouthofalberta.com
Robbie Nelson VP Operations / Secretary vp.operations@pcyouthofalberta.com
Caleb Warkentin VP North vp.north@pcyouthofalberta.com
Sierra Garner VP South vp.south@pcyouthofalberta.com
Natalie Warren VP Central vp.central@pcyouthofalberta.com
Harrison Fleming VP Calgary vp.calgary@pcyouthofalberta.com
Jesse Furber VP Edmonton vp.edmonton@pcyouthofalberta.com
Miguel Racin Past President past.president@pcyouthofalberta.com
Richard Gotfried, MLA Honorary Chair / Caucus Representative info@pcyouthofalberta.com